Tree preservation

If you want your trees to live to their full potential, it is crucial that you understand the basics of tree care first. First and foremost is the use of proper equipment and technique. Hacking off limbs improperly leave unsightly wounds that cannot heal healthily. Improper cuts also expose the tree to rot and decay. Removing more than 20% of the canopy at one time distresses the tree and causes excessive sucker growth.

Photosynthesis is an integral part of a tree’s life process. A tree that is completely topped out will inevitably become distressed. Usually the tree will sucker out in an effort to produce foliage rapidly to survive. This is not a sign of health. Young trees will usually survive but older trees will have less vigor and will probably die if radically pruned or topped. Topping is only recommended in very rare circumstances.

All pruning procedures performed by Poor Folks Tree Service are done spikelessly or with the use of a bucket truck.